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Measurement Of Microorganisms – Micrometry

Measurement Of Microorganisms - Micrometry

A microscope comes with an objective of 10X (low power) 45X (high power) and 100X (oil immersion). and the ocular lens with 5X, 10X and 15X. In general, an 10-X ocular lens is used in most cases. If an animal can be clearly seen with 10X ocular lens and 45X objective, this means that the size is 10×45, which is 450 times larger than the standard one. We don’t know the exact measurement is ? It could be determined using an calibrated scale. Thus the calibration of all lenses (eyepieces) is performed.

Northern Blotting – Protocol, Principle, Application, Result

Northern Blot Protocol, Principle, Application, Result

Northern blotting or Northern hybridization is a widely used technique in molecular biology to determine the molecular weight of mRNA and to measure relative amounts of mRNA present in different samples and for identifying alternatively spliced transcripts and multigene family members.

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