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Sycon – Anatomy, Diagram, Habitat, Nutrition, Reproduction

Sycon - Anatomy, Diagram, Habitat, Nutrition, Reproduction

What is Sycon? Definition of Sycon Sycon is a genus of small, tube-shaped calcareous sponges from the family Sycettidae, commonly found attached to rocks, corals, and mollusc shells in shallow, temperate marine waters. Sycon Classification Sycon is a genus of calcareous sponges within the broader classification system of the animal kingdom. Understanding its classification helps … Read more

Cyclops – Habitat, Morphology, Diagram


What is Cyclops? Definition of Cyclops Cyclops are a genus of freshwater copepods characterized by their single large eye, named after the mythical creature from Greek mythology. They are commonly referred to as water fleas and play important roles in freshwater ecosystems, serving as intermediate hosts for various parasites such as the guinea worm and … Read more

Scope of Zoology

Scope of Zoology

Have you ever wondered how the human body operates? How did we discover that the human body contains 206 bones? How do we know that DNA is our body’s genetic material? Zoology, the study of animals, has enabled us to comprehend our bodies and those of all other species. It is also beneficial to comprehend … Read more

What are the Branches of zoology?

What are the Branches of zoology?

Zoology is the biological discipline devoted to the study of animals and the animal kingdom. Also referred to as animal biology. Zoology is the study of the connection between the animal kingdom and their environments, including taxonomy, habits, structure, embryology, distribution, evolution, and extinct species. Zoology is the branch of biology concerned with animal life. … Read more

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