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Serial Dilution Method – Definition, Procedure, Application

Serial Dilutions and Plating Procedure

What is a serial dilution? Serial dilution definition Serial dilution is a methodical process in which a solution is diluted sequentially to produce a series of progressively reduced concentrations. What is the purpose of serial dilution? – Serial Dilution Objectives Serial dilution serves as a foundational procedure in numerous scientific disciplines, especially microbiology. The primary … Read more

Oxidase Test – Definition, Principle, Procedure, Result, Application

Oxidase Test Definition, Principle, Procedure, Result, Application

The oxidase test is a biochemical reaction that assays for the presence of cytochrome oxidase, an enzyme sometimes called indophenol oxidase. In the presence of an organism that contains the cytochrome oxidase enzyme, the reduced colorless reagent becomes an oxidized colored product .

Tollens’ Test Definition, Principle, Procedure, Result, Application.

Tollens’ Test Definition, Principle, Procedure, Result, Application.

It is a type of biochemical test which is used to distinguish reducing sugars from non-reducing sugars. This biochemical test is also known as the silver mirror test based on the end product of this test. This test was also used to differentiate between aldehydes and ketones through routine qualitative organic analysis.

Plant Tissue Culture Definition, techniques, Media composition, types, application.

Plant tissue culture

Before learning about plant tissue culture, first you have to learn about tissue culture and its importance. So, lets jump to the main article- What is tissue culture? Plant tissue culture Definition Plant tissue culture is a technique that is utilized to sustain or grow plant cells, tissues, or organs in a sterile condition on … Read more

Virus Structure and Application, Origin, Definition, Characters, and Example.

Anaerobic Respiration

Introduction It is estimated that there is approximately 10^31 virus on earth, which is over ten million times more than the entire stars in the universe. All of these viruses are not infectious to humans, most of them are living in oceans and they attack bacteria and other microbes. What is Virus? Virus is a … Read more

Prions: Definition, Structure, Function, Disease, Prevention, Control, Treatment, Transmission.

Prions Disease: Definition, Structure, Prevention, Control, Treatment, Transmission.

What is Prions? Characteristics of Prion Protein Structure of Prion Protein The prion protein exists throughout the body of a healthy animal and people. There are present two forms of prion protein such as; PrPC PrPsc Replication of Prion Protein or Mode of Action There are two hypotheses on prion protein replication such as; Normal … Read more

Paramecium Cell Definition, Characteristics, Classification, Movement, Diagram.

Paramecium Cell Definition, Characteristics, Classification, Movement, Diagram.

What is Paramecium? Definition of Paramecium Paramecium is a microscopic, single-celled organism with hair-like structures called cilia, found in various aquatic environments, often studied for its role as a model organism in biological research. Paramecium Scientific classification Paramecium is divided into this following phylum and subphylum; Domain: Eukaryota Clade: SAR Infrakingdom: Alveolata Phylum: Ciliophora Class: … Read more

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