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Ethology (Animal Behaviour) Introduction, History

Ethology (Animal Behaviour) Introduction, History

What is Ethology? Definition of Ethology Ethology is the scientific study of animal behavior in natural conditions, focusing on understanding behavior as an evolutionary adaptation. History of Ethology The history of ethology is a fascinating journey that has shaped our understanding of animal behavior and its evolutionary roots. Charles Darwin, renowned for his groundbreaking work … Read more

Mechanisms of Behaviour

Mechanisms of Behaviour

What is Animal Behaviour? Mechanisms of Behaviour Mechanisms of behavior play a crucial role in understanding how animals respond to their environment. Here are some key mechanisms: Understanding these mechanisms helps researchers unravel the intricate ways in which behavior is shaped and regulated in animals. By studying innate behaviors, instincts, stimulus filtering, sign stimuli, and … Read more

Orientation Patterns of Behaviour

Orientation Patterns of Behaviour

What is Orientation? In animal behavior, orientation refers to the ability of an animal to determine and maintain a specific direction or position in relation to its environment. It involves the animal’s ability to perceive and respond to various stimuli, such as light, gravity, magnetic fields, landmarks, and chemical cues, in order to navigate and … Read more

Learning Behaviour – Definition, Types, Examples

Learning Behaviour - Definition, Types, Examples

What is Learning Behaviour? Learning by Animals Learning in animals is a fascinating subject that has captivated the attention of animal behaviorists. Understanding how animals learn and the mechanisms involved has been a topic of extensive research. Heyes (1994) has identified three commonly recognized types of experiences that can result in learning. The first type … Read more

Honey bee – Definition, Types, Behaviour

Honey bee - Definition, Types, Behaviour

What is Honey bee? Types of Honey bee There are several different types or species of honey bees. The most well-known and widely recognized species is the Western honey bee (Apis mellifera), which is native to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. However, there are other species of honey bees as well. Here are a … Read more

Altruism among Animals – Definition and Evolution

Altruism among Animals - Definition and Evolution

What is Altruism? Evolution of Altruism The evolution of altruism has been a subject of fascination for socio-biologists, as seemingly selfless behavior can be observed in various animals, including humans. Over the past two decades, researchers have put forth three explanations to shed light on the evolution of altruistic behavior. The first explanation revolves around … Read more

Sexual Behaviour – Definition, Types, Factors

Sexual Behaviour - Definition, Types, Factors

What is Sexual Behaviour? Factors Affecting Sexual Behaviors Sexual behavior in organisms, including humans, is influenced by a variety of factors. These factors can be broadly categorized into biological, environmental, psychological, and social influences. Here are some key factors that can affect sexual behaviors: It is important to note that these factors interact and vary … Read more

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