Indian Universities Can Now Admit Students Twice A Year

The UGC now allows colleges and universities in India to admit students twice a year

Institutions can now have two academic sessions, starting in January/February and July/August.

 The decision was made in a UGC meeting on May 15, 2024.

The policy follows a positive response to biannual admissions in online and Open Distance Learning (ODL) modes initiated in 2023.

The biannual admissions for ODL and online programs resulted in 1.97 million students enrolling in July 2023 and 428,854 in January 2024.

Biannual admissions are optional and not mandatory for institutions.

This allows students who miss the initial cycle due to various reasons to avoid losing a whole academic year.

Industries can conduct campus recruitment twice a year, benefiting graduates with better job opportunities.

 Institutions can better plan their resources, such as faculty and labs, leading to improved functionality.

This move supports the National Education Policy 2020's vision of enhancing the Gross Enrollment Ratio and making India a global study destination.