CSIR-CCMB and Aganitha have signed an agreement to utilize Generative AI for therapeutic design and research, focusing on diseases like Malaria and Tuberculosis.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) includes using Aganitha's Generative AI for small molecule and antibody design to translate CCMB's research into therapeutic candidates.

Initial collaboration targets include Malaria and Tuberculosis, aiming to develop new drugs and vaccines for these diseases.

The partnership also focuses on designing research antibodies to advance neurology investigations, targeting diseases like Alzheimer's and epilepsy.

Dr. Puran Singh Sijwali emphasizes the need for interdisciplinary efforts to control malaria, leveraging AI for drug discovery.

Dr. Raghunand Tirumalai highlights the use of structure-based discovery to find inhibitors for Mycobacterium tuberculosis, aiming for new therapeutic leads.

Dr. Janesh Kumar notes the collaboration aims to develop nanobody binders for neurotransmitter receptors, potentially offering new treatments for neurological disorders.

Dr. Vinay Nandicoori, CCMB Director, describes the collaboration as utilizing CCMB's research strengths and Aganitha's AI expertise to create real-life solutions.

Prasad Chodavarapu, co-founder of Aganitha, sees this partnership as a model for academia-industry collaboration to address human diseases.

CCMB is a premier research organization under CSIR, recognized for its pioneering work in genomic studies and infectious disease research.

Aganitha specializes in in silico solutions, combining deep science and tech to accelerate the development of novel medicines.

The collaboration sets the stage for future projects, aiming to expand AI applications in various disease areas and therapeutic research.

The partnership is expected to lead to significant advancements in drug discovery and therapeutic developments, addressing critical health challenges.

This strategic collaboration between CSIR-CCMB and Aganitha demonstrates the potential of combining deep scientific research with cutting-edge AI technology to combat diseases effectively.